Part-Time Psychic Jimmy Kimmel Predicts Who Becca Will Pick on The Bachelorette

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Jimmy "Rose-tradamus" Kimmel has officially made his prediction for who Becca Kufrin will pick on The Bachelorette, so you might want to tweak your bracket if you didn't choose the same guy. According to Kimmel — who has correctly predicted the last five out of six "winners" on The Bachelor, and the last four out of six on The Bachelorette — of the 21 men who are still left on the reality show, these will be the final four: banjo playing Ryan, chicken suit-wearing David, "cheesy" Blake, and first impression rose-winning Garrett.

"I think in the end Ryan and Garrett will be the top two, and Becca will go with Garrett," Kimmel further explained. However, he also noted that he thinks there's going to be a twist — Becca will eventually break up with Garrett after she finds out about his horrible social media posts, which were recently unearthed by former Bachelor competitor Ashley Spivey.

To quote the great Kristin Cavallari, "drama, drama, dramaaaa."