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The Bachelorette's Garrett Yrigoyen Instagram Controversy

As a Reminder, Here's What Happened With Garrett's Instagram Scandal on The Bachelorette


Image Source: ABC

When Becca Kufrin's season of The Bachelorette premiered, it didn't take long for a favorite to emerge out of the 28 handsome suitors: Garrett Yrigoyen. The Reno, NV, native planned out an adorably dorky introduction to convince Becca he's serious about their future together — he rolled up to the mansion in a minivan filled with soccer balls to prove he'd be a great dad — and later in the night, he stole her away for a private fishing lesson in the pool. Afterward, Becca told the camera that she was instantly "smitten" with the 29-year-old medical sales representative, which was why she decided to give him her first-impression rose. Unfortunately, it looks like the front runner has a troubling history on his social media accounts.

Although Garrett's official Bachelorette bio says he's "a true outdoorsman who loves fly-fishing, hiking, and snow-shoeing," it neglects to include his apparent interest in "liking" photos from right-wing Instagram pages mocking immigrants, feminists, Parkland high school student David Hogg, and transgender people. Screenshots of his "likes" were first made public by former Bachelor contestant Ashley Spivey, who said she was sent the images and didn't take the screenshots herself. "Not sure why I was sent these pics but I'm sure it has to do with me always calling out bull$h*t," she tweeted. "I'm fine being that person."

Garrett has opened a new Instagram account and his old one has been deleted, but not before the anonymous (and also private) Instagram account @imwatchingyuuo posted the screenshots that were sent to Ashley. You can see screenshots of his original "likes" ahead:

HuffPost also found more posts that Garrett's account had "liked," ones that signal his beliefs are far more concerning than simply supporting typical Republican causes. The memes, which were primarily from the Merica Supply Co. Instagram page, ridiculed trans and genderqueer people and also joked about throwing undocumented immigrant children over the proposed border wall (which you can see in the tweets below). Garrett also "liked" a post supporting the debunked theory that Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School student activist David Hogg is a crisis actor, which is exactly the kind of conspiracy theory that leads to harassment of gun violence victims and grieving families.

What makes the situation even more surprising is that Becca has been an ardent supporter of Hillary Clinton and left-wing causes, and (spoiler!) Garrett makes it all the way to become her fiancé. To be fair, Becca wasn't allowed to have her phone during filming and therefore wasn't able to stalk Garrett's interests on Instagram for herself. But then again, wouldn't a discussion of political beliefs come up over the course of their courtship? We'd like to think so.

Becca and Garrett addressed the issue during the season finale of the show, saying the situation put a strain in their relationship. "I didn't realize the effect behind a double tap or a 'like' on Instagram. I put out an apology, I didn't mean to offend anybody. I stand by everything that I posted in my apology, and I'm just trying to grow as a person," Garrett said, adding he thought he might lose Becca as a result.

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