Mr. Miyagi Would Approve of This Massive Karate Kid and Cobra Kai Reunion

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For the last "Reunited Apart" episode of 2020, Josh Gad went out with a bang by reuniting not only the stars of the original The Karate Kid, but also its two sequels and follow-up series, Cobra Kai. To kick off the reunion, Gad joined forces with William Zabka (Johnny Lawrence), Tony O'Dell (Jimmy), Ron Thomas (Bobby Brown), Randee Heller (Lucille LaRusso), Juli Fields (Susan), and Elisabeth Shue (Ali Mills) to convince a "reluctant" Ralph Macchio (Daniel LaRusso) to join the party, wisely using a few iconic quotes from the film. The most recent iteration of "Reunited Apart" was in support of Action Against Hunger, a global humanitarian group that takes "action against the causes and effect of hunger."

The group — which also included Robert Mark Kamen, Tamlyn Tomita, Yuji Okumoto, Robyn Lively, and Thomas Ian Griffith — were quizzed by Amy Schumer over little known Karate Kid franchise facts, like what was Daniel LaRusso's original last name in the script and what movie was "You're the Best" originally written for. Of course, Gad made sure to include the late Pat Morita, aka Mr. Miyagi, who died in 2005 from natural causes. As Mr. Miyagi once said, "Sometimes what heart know, head forget."

Superfan Gad was probably most excited about the reunion, previously telling POPSUGAR, "That was a tape that was played probably more than any other in my house around 1984, 1985 when VHS was really popping. So getting that group back together was special because I'm obsessed with Cobra Kai. It was really fun." Head back to the dojo for a dose of nostalgia and some insight on Cobra Kai season three in the video above.