80 Karate Kid Easter Eggs You Might Have Missed on Cobra Kai

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If you thought the rivalry between Johnny Lawrence and Daniel LaRusso was over, much like fictional dojo Cobra Kai, some things never die. Set 34 years after the events of The Karate Kid, Netflix's Cobra Kai follows what happens when Johnny reopens the dojo and starts his rivalry with Daniel back up. Beyond having original Karate Kid cast members William Zabka and Ralph Macchio reprise their respective roles as Johnny and Danny, the series is chock-full of fun nods to the Karate Kid film franchise.

From Johnny retelling the events of The Karate Kid from his point of view to episode titles taking inspiration from the movies' soundtracks, Cobra Kai has everything eagle-eyed fans are sure to appreciate. While you wait for season three, watch the full video above to see if there are any Easter eggs you might have missed from the first two seasons.