If You'd Like to Cry Today, Just Play Kesha's Brand-New Power Ballad on Repeat

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This week, Kesha dropped a new song! The track is called "Here Comes the Change," and it's attached to the incredible new Ruth Bader Ginsburg biopic, On the Basis of Sex. If you hadn't already guessed, Kesha sings all about empowerment, doing good, making an impact, and causing a shift in the tides of change. The black-and-white video features the songstress dancing around, bare-faced and barefoot, in an empty house. It's also interspersed with inspiring footage of the film, which hits theaters this Christmas.

Despite the fact that Kesha wrote the song for the film, and the film focuses on the first leg of the decades-long fight for gender equality, it's not hard to see how the words apply to today's political climate. The the midterm elections are fast on the approach, and the subject matter of the film is clearly still quite relevant in 2018 — lest we forget the whole Brett Kavanaugh ordeal that's still quite fresh in everyone's mind. So, you know, we'll be listening to this one on repeat while doing exactly what the song suggests: trying to institute a positive change.