American Horror Story: A Ton of Bloody New Details Have Been Revealed!

After months of devouring every detail about American Horror Story: Hotel, we just got a wealth of new information from Entertainment Weekly. Star Lady Gaga is on the cover of the latest issue, and there are a ton of new pictures. Both Gaga and Ryan Murphy were interviewed for the article, and they spilled on a few bloody details. Here's what we just learned about the residents of the creepy Hotel Cortez.

  • Evan Peters will appear in flashbacks: While the majority of the character descriptions were unveiled during the show's Summer TCA panel, Peters was kept under wraps. EW confirmed that he is playing the "rich and charming but deeply psychotic" James March, who built the hotel in the 1930s. "The beautiful art-deco hotel is, in actuality, a labyrinthine structure built to hide March's murderous activities." Intriguing!
  • There are vampires! OK, Murphy doesn't like the term "vampire," so he's saying there's an "ancient blood virus." But basically, the Countess (Gaga) and her lover, Donovan (Matt Bomer), drink blood. EW even references that Finn Wittrock's character, a male model who sparks the Countess's interest, is "newly turned."
  • A serial killer is on the loose: Wes Bentley is playing a detective who moves into the hotel while he's investigating the Ten Commandments Killer, a murderer "who arranges victims according to the biblical dictates." So . . . it's kind of like the movie Seven, except maybe even more messed up? Can't wait.
  • Plus, there's an even scarier villain: In addition to the Ten Commandments Killer, Murphy is introducing The Addiction Demon, "a creature in the vein of Rubberman or Bloodyface, who has no eyes or mouth but does wield a nasty, conical drillbit dildo." Let that sink in.

The new season starts on Oct. 7, so make sure you're all caught up on the chilling teasers and the full cast!