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Here Are Lauren and Cameron's Best Love Is Blind Moments

Love Is Blind: We've All Fallen in Love With Lauren and Cameron's Journey, and Here's Why

Here Are Lauren and Cameron's Best Love Is Blind Moments
Image Source: Netflix

There are a lot of reasons that Netflix's Love Is Blind became such a phenomenon: the experiment is intriguing, the people are zany enough to be interesting, and the entire show is the right degree of messy to keep us coming back for the next episode. But even more so, the genuine love shared between the few couples that made it to the end gave fans hope that there's something at the end of this cynical roller coaster we're all on. And no couple did that like Lauren Speed and Cameron Hamilton, from the very moment they met.

Despite the differences between them, not just accounting for race, the two quickly fell in love and became the standout couple of the season. From their ridiculously good looks (Cameron puts Bruce Banner's scientist looks to shame) to their open communication and clear love for one another, the couple quickly became the show's fan favorite. Keep reading to revisit some of Lauren and Cameron's best moments and how they showcase their sweet affection for each other.

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