Lauren and Cameron Just Confirmed Their Relationship Status After Love Is Blind Ended

Lauren and Cameron were definitely one of the fan-favorite couples on Love Is Blind — but are they still together now? Viewers got to see their sweetly emotional wedding on the season finale (which filmed back in 2018), and we've got great news: they're definitely still married, as confirmed by Lauren herself!

"Yes, me and Cameron are still together!" Lauren told Elite Daily after the finale. "Oh my God. We're so happy. It's just, like, every day we learn more and more about each other, and we honestly fall more and more in love with each other." Even before the finale, though, we were pretty sure these two managed to go the distance. Their social media accounts seemed to drop plenty of hints that they were still together — keep reading for a few of the biggest hints they gave us!

They've Both Been in Atlanta

The duo have both been posting consistently from Atlanta in recent days, including this gorgeous post from Lauren . . .

And this stylish pose from Cameron.

They Forgot About Reflections on the Beach

The biggest clue that Lauren and Cameron stayed together after the show? This post from Cameron. Check out the third picture in the post — you can see what looks like Lauren reflected in his sunglasses!

Just as confirmation, though, we've also got Lauren's pictures, posted from the same beach location.

Lauren's Ring Is Visible

Zooming in on this adorable pic of Lauren and her dog reveals a ring on her left ring finger, providing what seemed like absolute proof of her continued relationship with Cameron!