If You Love Your Ears, You'll Listen to Mariah Carey's Song on Empire

The people over at Empire must be in a giving mood, because not only did they make a beautiful new song to showcase Jussie Smollett's stunning vocals, but they also turned it into a duet with Mariah Carey. Yes, the queen herself will appear on the third episode of season three, where she belts it out with Jamal (Smollett) on the song, which is called "Infamous." Carey is playing a star named Kitty, whom Cookie (Taraji P. Henson) recruits to sing with Jamal in order to help him get past his anxiety about performing live, and according to Henson, she was a delight on set. "She was great. She's fabulous, she's beautiful to look at," she said at the Television Critics Association Summer Press Tour in August. "Wish I could wear a leotard like that . . . What Mariah brings to the music industry, she brought to the show. I'm grateful she spent time with us." After the shocking death that went down in the premiere, "Infamous" is exactly the kind of pick-me-up we needed.