What's the Latest With Meredith's Love Triangle on Grey's Anatomy? Here's an Update

Warning: slight Grey's Anatomy spoilers ahead!

This week, we're back in the figurative trenches with our favorite fictional doctors on Grey's Anatomy. As you very well now know, Meredith has spent the better part of the season fielding advances from two different gentlemen: long-term Italian stud Andrew DeLuca and hot new "Ortho God" Link. There are really reasons to root for both of them, especially when, at the end of the day, we all just want Meredith to find love. (Then again, some people are just fine with her being an independent badass woman who doesn't need a man.)

With that tantalizing setup all said and done, the midseason finale of the show really left us in an interesting lurch. When the windy superstorm cuts the hospital power, Meredith finds herself trapped in the elevator with DeLuca. I have to admit, friends: the whole affair really had me feeling all kinds of heart-eyes about the pair. DeLuca really opened up about his past and said some very knee-weakening things in Italian, and by the end of the little ordeal, it was clear he had all but won Meredith over. They even got this close to a kiss before the elevator fired back up and the doors flung open.


Lest we forget about Meredith's promise to Link, just before the whole elevator debacle, she agreed to go out to drinks with him! This leads to a classic Grey's moment at the end of the episode; DeLuca is trying to convince Meredith to give him a chance, and then Link walks up, ready to redeem his date. Meredith, caught between the two men for the umpteenth time this season, pulls a classic Meredith move: she's not spending the night with either of them!

The episode presents an interesting conundrum, leaving an even playing field. She first agreed to a date with Link, which meant she was swaying in his favor. They're both at the same level, so there's no professional alarm bells, and it seemed like his cool confidence had won her over. But Meredith also remarks that a new, cockier DeLuca has suddenly emerged, and she is clearly curious about him. You can see the consideration, and the ever-so-slight raise of an eyebrow.

As for who I want her to pick? I am seriously torn, friends. Clearly DeLuca and Meredith have just formed a special bond, but Link is giving me all kinds of "McDreamy" vibes. But, as is noted in the episode, DeLuca marks a clear case of Meredith "not learning her lesson," because they have the same hierarchy differences that she and Derek once shared. It's a neck-and-neck race, and I can't wait to see how the rest of the season goes.