Google's Mister Rogers Doodle Is Both Delightful and Tearjerking at the Same Time

If you're prone to bursting out into tears spontaneously, you may not want to use Google today. The search engine is honoring Fred Rogers with a delightful Google Doodle that's sure to leave you weeping into your cardigan sleeves, just like his documentary did. The adorable stop-motion video features an animated version of the children's show host making his way through the neighborhood while meeting various kids and singing "Won't You Be My Neighbor?" along the way. It's nearly two minutes of pure, sentimental joy.

Exactly 51 years ago — on Sept. 21, 1967, to be precise — the very first episode of Mister Rogers' Neighborhood was filmed in Pittsburgh. Relive Fred's nurturing, warm demeanor by watching the entire Google Doodle video below, and then keep reading to see just how emotional it's making people feel. We suggest having a full box of tissues nearby before you press "play."

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The Mister Rogers Google Doodle

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