Big Little Lies: Nicole Kidman's Youngest Daughters Are Officially Students at Otter Bay

Big Little Lies is chock-full of incredible stars (hello, Meryl Streep!), but season two features a couple of newcomers who hold a special place in Nicole Kidman's heart — her daughters with husband Keith Urban, 10-year-old Sunday Rose and 8-year-old Faith Margaret.

In May, Kidman told Good Morning America her youngest kids would be appearing as extras in the HBO show's sophomore season. (She also shares two children, Isabella Jane and Connor Anthony, with ex Tom Cruise.) At the end of season two, episode two, eagle-eyed fans were quick to spot Sunday and Faith's names in the credits as "school children." That means they share some brief screentime with the likes of Ziggy and Chloe at Otter Bay Elementary School.

"You see them fleetingly in the classroom scenes," Kidman said. "I've always said this, there's something wonderful about bringing your children to work, and them seeing what you do, and them being a part of it, and being interested and curious and feeling like it's theirs as well."

This curiosity must've rubbed off on Sunday and Faith, as Kidman previously admitted her daughters are interested in filmmaking and music, just like their famous parents. Maybe they'll follow in Mom and Dad's footsteps and we'll see them on stage accepting awards of their own in 10 years!