Exclusive: The Pynk Welcomes New Dancers and More Problems in "P-Valley" Season 2

You might've thought the Pynk had its last dance in the "P-Valley" season one finale, but you know Chucalissa's finest isn't going down without a fight. The hit Starz series returns for season two on June 3, and this time, it'll tackle a new foe: the pandemic.

"I am trying my best to keep the f*cking water out the boat, Mercedes."

With the abrupt exit of folks like Miss Mississippi (Shannon Thornton), the Pynk struggles to keep its doors open as the pandemic sweeps through the south. In an exclusive sneak peek at the premiere episode, titled "Pussyland," Mercedes (Brandee Evans) and Hailey (Elarica Johnson) argue over recruiting new dancers to revive the strip club's reputation. "You gon' up and have auditions after I told you explicitly not to — really, b*tch?," Mercedes questions Hailey in the clip, to which she says: "I'm trying to make the best decisions for the club."

The pandemic has been tough enough on the Pynk as Mercedes and the other dancers have been splitting what little they make at the club. Newcomers mean less money for everybody else and possibly more drama. But as the new part owner of the Pynk, Hailey just wants to find the best way to recoup her $250,000 investment. "I am trying my best to keep the f*cking water out the boat, Mercedes," she says frankly. "When I bought this club, I didn't plan on getting hit with a f*cking pandemic. So excuse me for actually getting us this far — for giving you ungrateful b*tches a place to f*cking dance!"

"P-Valley" season two will test the Pynk's limits, as well as everyone else connected to it. Between Hailey and Uncle Clifford (Nicco Annan) fighting for the throne and the newbies shaking up the club's locker room, there's no telling how the Pynk will stand to survive another crisis. With death and danger lurking around every corner, everyone in Chucalissa will have to fight tooth and (acrylic) nail to survive.

Watch the "P-Valley" teaser clip above ahead of its season two premiere on Friday.

Image Source: Starz

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