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P-Valley Season 2 | Trailer, Premiere Date, Cast

"P-Valley" Introduces a Whole New Pynk in Season 2's Trailer

P-Valley Season 2 | Trailer, Premiere Date, Cast
Image Source: Starz

It's been too long since we've heard "down in the valley where the girls get naked" come through our TVs. But luckily, "P-Valley" is making its grand return for season two next month.

The hit Starz series debuted in July 2020 and immediately hooked fans on Uncle Clifford (Nicco Annan) and the infamous Pynk, the little strip club that could. Way down deep in the Mississippi Delta, Katori Hall's drama explores the fictional world of Chucalissa, MS, telling the grittiest stories about strip-club culture and sex workers. The "P-Valley" season two trailer arrived on May 11, and it urged viewers to keep their hands on the wheel, because we're in for a wild ride. "Oh, y'all thought The Pynk done her last dance," Big L (Morocco Omari) teases over a microphone in the clip. "But this a whole new day. A whole new Pynk!"

Between Miss Mississippi's (Shannon Thornton) unexpected alliance with Lil Murda (J. Alphonse Nicholson), Autumn Night's (Elarica Johnson) past catching up with her, and everything else happening at The Pynk, "P-Valley" left us with a lot of shocking cliffhangers in the season one finale. But after almost two long years, the series picks back up with another crisis brewing around the strip club's fate. Before season two arrives, read up on everything we know about it so far — including the returning cast, plot, premiere date, and trailers.

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