And Now, a Few Cryptic Pretty Little Liars Quotes From the Actress Who Plays Mary Drake

We're still reeling from the harrowing premiere of Pretty Little Liars. As we desperately await what lies ahead, the best we can do is rack our brains for any information that might help us unravel the show's mysteries. For now, we find ourselves intensely focused on the quite peculiar Mary Drake, and her potential involvement with the anonymous "A.D.," the latest villain to mess with the liars. Back in May, we were fortunate enough to visit the set of Pretty Little Liars — we got the chance to join a group of other journalists in a group interview with Andrea Parker, the actress who plays Mary. Read on for a few perplexing quotes that will really give you something to mull over.

  • On Mary Drake's past: "Well, I don't think that she was loved as a child. And we all know how f*cked up that can be. I think that she's had a lot of pain and a lot of suffering in her world. And whether that justifies her behavior or not to us, I don't know. But to her, it certainly does. So yes, she has a very vulnerable side. I don't know how much we'll care about that at the end of the day."
  • On whether she earns the term "evil twin": "Maybe. Probably. It looks that way."
  • On Charlotte and the rest of the liars: "Well, Mary is the biological mother of Charlotte, so that's certainly a wound that she will be dealing with. But everyone is involved in that experience, so it's not just about Charlotte. It's about all of the people who were in Charlotte's world. So, Mary's definitely interested in all the players."
  • On whether Mary's more focused on Alison than anyone else: "Everybody is under watch. And all of them will feel Mary's presence. It's the most bizarre experience. Like cryptic, you know?
  • On whether Mary Drake might not be a bad guy: "Yes, it's safe to say that, for sure, but I wouldn't trust her."
  • On possible flashbacks with her twin sister, Jessica DiLaurentis: "I really hope so. I don't know the answer to that myself, quite frankly. But I'm hoping so, yes. I mean, how fun for me as an actress would that be, to actually be playing against my own self? That would be awesome."