Quincy Says Crown's Story on "Raising Kanan" Isn't Over Yet: "I'm Putting It Out There: Flashbacks"

The tension between Crown Camacho (Quincy) and Lou-Lou (Malcolm Mays) has been brewing for quite some time now, but things finally came to a head during Sunday night's explosive episode of "Power Book III: Raising Kanan." In the final moments of episode six, titled "It's a Business, Man," Lou-Lou shows up to the studio to confront Crown for not only hooking up with his girlfriend, Jessica (Natalee Linez), but for secretly working with Raq (Patina Miller) to try to push him out of the music business.

"You know, it was one thing when I heard that you were smashing Jess behind my back, but I ain't want to get b*tches get in the way of business," Lou tells Crown, to which he responds: "The f*ck you know about business, Lou? You in over your head so deep you don't even know which way is up, n***a. You and I know you can't do this sh*t — not without me. Everybody know." Crown then tells Lou that all he's ever going to be is "Raq's baby's brother" — leading to the episode's most-shocking moment: Lou snaps and kills Crown by strangling him with a cord conveniently lying on top of some studio equipment.

"The beautiful part about Lou and Crown is that you really saw a balance," Quincy, 31, tells POPSUGAR. "For people not even in the music industry, they know this relationship dynamic. They've seen it, and I'm sure everybody kind of goes through it, where somebody may come in and offer opinions, and sometimes you feel like you're becoming less of you because there's so [many] opinions on the other side [that] you feel like you have to do something to make sure your respect is still there. And I think that was the ongoing story with Crown and Lou-Lou. I pushed the wrong button, and I understood it."

When Quincy first joined the Power universe in 2021, he had no idea what was in store for his character. In fact, he only learned of Crown's fate at a table read for the episode. "[I was] super surprised," he admits. "You show up to the table read, they send you a script, and they let you know right there." As a result, Quincy didn't have much time to prepare for his onscreen demise. He adds, "In life, you don't prepare to die, so exactly how that is, it shocked me, it took a piece of me out . . . I didn't wanna go out like that, but I think it's a real beautiful scene . . . I'm never gonna forget it."


So is this the last we've seen of Crown? Not quite. According to Quincy, we may get more screen time for the character in flashback scenes. He reveals, "Crown was such a staple in the happenings of what's going on, especially with the music and the streets, and he provided this balance. There are some things that I'm sure we didn't get to see that will make sense later — some flashbacks that will answer some questions later on. Yeah, I'm putting it out there: flashbacks."

Quincy's introduction to the Power franchise was in the first season of "Raising Kanan," which takes place in the '90s in New York City's South Jamaica, Queens. As a '90s baby himself, getting to work on this show was a nostalgic experience for him. "It was a true dive into my life in a time where I was a baby," he says. "I got to live as an adult in the time where I was just entering the world. So to actually be able to live through it — rock the clothes and to play with the little toys on set that are all from the '90s, stuff that I remember — it felt good to insert myself in a time of history that was so important. To be a part of the Power universe is a blessing, and like I said, if it ain't Crown coming back in flashbacks, it'll be something. The Power universe has definitely won my love over."

"Power Book III: Raising Kanan" airs Sundays on Starz.