18 People Who Were Forever Changed After Seeing That Judgment House on AHS: Cult

American Horror Story: Cult continues to take its viewers on a dark and disturbing ride. In addition to introducing a massive twist, the show's eighth episode, "Winter of Our Discontent," traumatized viewers with its take on a "judgment house."

After trolling religious radicals on the dark web, Kai and Winter Anderson receive an invitation to visit a remote haunted house with a devout twist. At the judgment house, the siblings are greeted by Pastor Charles, portrayed by '80s pop star-turned-actor Rick Springfield. They soon realize this haunted house doesn't use actors to play out its dogmatic lessons — it's all actually happening to real-life people. That's cute.

While some people thought the next season of American Horror Story should be centered entirely around the judgment house, others were (understandably) deeply affected by the gross storyline. Ahead, read reactions from people who will never be able to listen to "Jessie's Girl" the same way again.