Can We Please Discuss the Demonic Red Villain From the Powerpuff Girls?

The Powerpuff Girls live-action reboot is in production, and newly released set photos have fans wondering what other classic characters we can expect to see from the original cartoon. Glamorous down to the tips of his thigh-high boots and lobster claws, His Infernal Majesty, aka HIM, is one of the most notable Powerpuff Girls characters yet to be cast for the show. So, we decided to take a deep dive into the demonic villain's history with the superheroes to mentally prepare ourselves, just in case he chooses to dazzle us with his evil presence all over again.

So far, The CW has confirmed that the cast will feature Chloe Bennet as Blossom, Dove Cameron as Bubbles, Yana Perrault as Buttercup, Donald Faison as Professor Utonium, Robyn Lively as Miss Bellum, and Nicholas Podany as Mojo Jojo. There's no word yet on whether HIM will make it into the live-action series, especially since the Powerpuff Girls have such a wide range of villains to choose from. But, we have to admit, the makeup and costume design potential alone are enough to make us cross our fingers that he'll appear in the reboot. Relive your childhood and read through five reasons we need to see HIM in the live-action series ahead.


He's Dark, Bitter, and Mysterious — but Also Glamorous

Aside from his haunting falsetto voice that echoes all around, one of HIM's most defining traits is his unexpected sense of style — tutu, leather belt, and thigh-high boots included. Of course, he takes many forms and his jagged teeth, lime green eyes, and various terrifying forms aren't always glamorous. So, for better or for worse — usually the latter — he knows how to add a little bit of flare to any battle with the Powerpuff Girls.


His Powers Are Basically Limitless: Telekinesis, Transformations, Mind Control, and More!

Every Powerpuff Girls villain has their specialty, but when it comes to HIM, he's pretty much a jack of all trades. Telekinesis, acid spit, flight, the ability to resurrect himself, transformations, mind control, laser eye beams, and dream manipulation are just a few of the creeptastic villain's powers. So including him in the reboot would open up the potential for some truly wild fight scenes, and we are here for it.


He Manages to Be Creepy and Hilarious at the Same Time

Some of the most memorable Powerpuff Girls episodes include a dose of humor from the most unexpected characters. One example is when the girls burst in on HIM in "Telephonies" and find him working out to an exercise tape, leg warmers and all. The comedic effect of having an otherwise maniacal villain do something so mundane was brilliant when we were kids, and we can see it adding just as much pizzazz to the reboot.


He's Best Friends With Mojo Jojo

When superheroes team up, we know we're in for a good showdown. When villains team up, we know we're in for a great one, and HIM and Mojo Jojo are no exception. They've had their differences in the past, but when they come together to take on the Powerpuff Girls, we can't help but feel like we've gotten two episodes for the price of one. Sure, they're wildly different villains, but that's what makes them such a great pair.


He's One of the Powerpuff Girls' Main Archenemies, and For Good Reason

Townsville's equivalent of the devil himself, HIM is dark, sinister, manipulative, ruthless, and stylish to the bone. Was he the best choice of villain for a kids' cartoon? Probably not. But he definitely left a terrifying lasting impression in the minds of Powerpuff Girls fans and deserves a place right beside his BFF Mojo Jojo in the live-action reboot.