Welcome to Gotham! Ruby Rose Makes Her Caped Debut as Batwoman During the Elseworlds Crossover

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We finally get to see Ruby Rose's Batwoman in action, and she's certainly a sight to behold.

The former Orange Is the New Black actress made her caped-crusader debut during the second episode of "Elseworlds," the epic three-day crossover event between popular DC series The Flash, Arrow, and Supergirl. On Dec. 2, The CW dropped a teaser that gives fans their first look at Rose rocking the black-and-red bat suit, but it didn't prepare us for the full scene in which Batwoman swoops in to save the day.

As we all know, "Elseworlds" focuses on the Arrowverse heroes traveling to Gotham City, where they team up with Batwoman after a doctor at Arkham Asylum cooks up some wild and destructive machinations. The crossover serves as an introduction to the Batwoman character and, if all goes well with her debut, Rose will also star in the Batwoman stand-alone series that the network is currently developing with the mastermind of DC's small-screen universe, Greg Berlanti. The potential series will also be the first focused on an LGBTQ+ superhero!

It'll be a while before we get any news on whether or not Batwoman will be getting her own series, so until then, enjoy the brief clip above that shows her coming to the rescue of Barry Allen and Cisco Ramon when a jail break goes awry.