Feeling Like a Disgruntled Pelican? Have a Nap on This Dazzling Sequined Moira Rose Pillow

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I'm bedeviled that I didn't have the pleasure of attending David and Patrick's wedding on Schitt's Creek, but I can only hope the couple gave these Sequin Moira Rose Pillow Cases ($28) out as their wedding favors. The 16-inch rose gold pillow sham features a dazzling image of Moira in her pope-inspired outfit from David and Patrick's big day, bejeweled mitre hat and all. With a swoosh of one hand, Moira's glamorous face brightens the room, and with the swoosh of another, she vanishes, upholding her enigmatic nature even in pillow form. Heads up that orders can take from 20 to 30 days to arrive, depending on your location, so make sure to add these to your cart for the Schitt's Creek fan in your life in time for the holidays!