Meet "Selling Sunset"'s Newest Agent, Chelsea Lazkani

"Selling Sunset" is returning for season five with a slightly bigger cast. British Nigerian realtor Chelsea Lazkani has joined the Oppenheim Group, and we got a first look at her Netflix debut when the show's trailer dropped on April 7. According to the official Oppenheim Group website, Lazkani is "breathing new life into an industry not typically dominated by Black women."

Her bio states, "Chelsea is a big believer in the power of positive mindset, crediting her drive, determination, and resilience to challenging periods of her life that she's been able to overcome and grow stronger from, leading her to become the woman that she is today."

As we count down the days until "Selling Sunset" returns on April 22, get to know more about Lazkani ahead.


She Was Born and Raised in North West London

Lazkani attended the University of Birmingham, graduating with a BA in economics, and Scotland's University of Dundee, where she received her master's in oil and gas management. Lazkani now resides in Los Angeles.


She's a Wife and Proud Mom of 2

Prior to joining the Oppenheim Group, Lazkani worked in the corporate world. In 2017, she decided to venture out on her own and got her real estate license. She worked for Rodeo Realty in Los Angeles before taking a break to focus on her two children, Maddox and Melia, with husband Jeff Lazkani.

"I think having the support of my husband and my family really essentially prepared me to take on this big role and this big opportunity," Lazkani told People about joining the Oppenheim Group. "But for me personally, I saw this as an opportunity to really open doors in an industry that has lacked diversity and where minorities are underrated."

"I feel like with great opportunities comes great responsibility," she added. "This was kind of my time to give back and to educate and really mentor and push forward Black women in this luxury sector in real estate. So just knowing that I've got a greater purpose kind of prepared me for this."


She Knew Jason Oppenheim Before Joining the Brokerage

Though she hadn't met any of her "Selling Sunset" costars before joining the show, Lazkani knew Oppenheim through her husband and was familiar with his brokerage. After meeting the ladies, Lazkani told People that they've "really inspired" her. "It kind of helps me see my future trajectory by being around so many successful women," she noted. "It helps materialize the fact that I can be selling $20 million, $30 million, $40 million homes, seeing other women in close proximity to me doing it."