Could a Secret Obsession Sequel Happen? Here's What We Know So Far

Netflix's new thriller Secret Obsession has become one of the social media hits of the Summer. It's a creepy stalker thriller with plenty of twists and turns to talk about. With all the buzz it's gotten, fans want to know: will there be a Secret Obsession sequel?

Right now, as with most viral Netflix faves, there's no word either way as to whether or not there could be a sequel. Theoretically, the ending of the movie does leave enough plot threads dangling — or easily unraveled — that a sequel could make sense within the same universe. After all, the movie ends after the major twists are revealed and the villain defeated, but we never see the survivors picking up the pieces; that's a compelling story in and of itself.

Star Brenda Song also has some thoughts on the possibility of a sequel (or just more movies in the stalker/thriller mold), but her idea is a little bit different: leaning into the possibility of a female villain, rather than a charming, handsome man as in Secret Obsession or Netflix's other stalker drama, You.

"I think what would be really fun is having the roles reversed: having a female [antagonist] to a male [hero]," she told Glamour. "I don't think that there should be any limits to it. I think we're in a great place — not just as females but with everyone — where genders can be reversed. It's fun because it changes the dynamic and the feel of the movie. I would love that. I would love to see more role reversals in these movies to see where they go."

Song points out the gender dynamics of the sexy-stalker thrillers have, typically, been one-sided and inspired the kind of fans that led You's Penn Badgley to tweet out a warning about romanticizing characters like these. "Just because someone's handsome doesn't mean they aren't crazy," she notes. "You have to remember that when romanticizing these killers, stalkers, rapists — whatever they are — you still have to remember the crimes they did and the lives they affected, if we're talking about real life."

It's a great point, and one that could be an interesting possibility for Secret Obsession — perhaps it could turn into an American Horror Story-style anthology, with new characters each time! Until Netflix announces a decision, though, we'll just be basking in the cheesy, creepy delights of this movie on its own.