Seth Rogen's Play-by-Play of Being High at Adele's One Night Only Special Is as Hilarious as It Sounds

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Nobody was more surprised to see Seth Rogen front row at Adele's One Night Only concert special than Seth Rogen. The actor visited Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show on Wednesday and gave a play-by-play of his experience at the event. Rogen noted that he and his wife, Lauren Miller, "smoked a ton of weed" ahead of the CBS broadcast because the invite sold it as "a small Adele concert." The comedian recalled realizing it was going to be a big thing when he saw a full camera crew and Oprah — the latter of which caused him to have an "oh sh*t" moment.

Rogen, who had never met Adele before, was hoping to be stuck in the back, but nope, he and his wife were front and center at seats 1A and 1B. "And if, Adele, you're watching this, why did you do that?" he joked. The comedian also noted that he was overly conscious about the fact that he was in front of big celebrities like Ellen DeGeneres, Kris Jenner, Drake, and Leonardo DiCaprio. "There's people who I know have not watched my last five movies who have been texting me, being like, 'The Adele concert looked incredible,'" Rogen said with his signature laugh. In case you're wondering, his last five movies were American Pickle, Zeroville, The Lion King, Long Shot, and Like Father. And not that they weren't good, but Seth . . . May I call you Seth? Adele is Adele! Watch Rogen recall the Adele concert above!