Oprah and Lizzo's "Hello" Duet at Adele's Concert Is the Gift That Keeps on Giving

Lizzo and Oprah Winfrey were two of the lucky guests in attendance at Adele's One Night Only concert special, and you better believe the unexpected duo made the most of their experience. In instantly iconic video footage Oprah shared the night the program aired on CBS, she and Lizzo are seen singing along — or at least attempting to — as Adele performs her hit song "Hello" for the star-studded crowd gathered at the Griffith Observatory.

Clad in a floral Thom Browne dress and matching headpiece, Lizzo theatrically belts out the lyrics and a series of well-timed, in-tune "wooo's" while Oprah, on the other hand, can't seem to remember most of the words but still gives the ad-libbed duet her all regardless. We give her an A+ for effort and passion and an A++ for relatability, because let's be real — we've all been there!

Oprah luckily didn't have to put her lyrical knowledge of Adele on display during their sit-down interview for the highly anticipated TV special. The two discussed a wide range of topics, including Adele's divorce, her budding romance with Rich Paul, her recent weight loss, and so much more. Between Lizzo and Oprah's singalong and the many juicy revelations Adele spilled, the One Night Only program treated us to the content we really needed to get through this week.