6 Videos That Prove Camila Cabello Always Brings the Heat

Camila Cabello is one of music's hottest solo acts right now. Known for her quirky personality and sultry voice, it's no surprise that her music videos always incorporate those personal elements. Coming up in this list of her sexiest videos are lots of dark lights, flirty eyes, and sexy outfits. Keep in mind that this girl is just getting started, and there's likely plenty more to come from her.

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“Crying in the Club”

While this song isn't meant to be a sexy tune, the transition from the black-and-white intro sequence to the bathtub scenes definitely show Cabello's sensual side. Plus, who can forget her dance moves inside the colorful glass box in the middle of the club?

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“Hey Ma”

Set in Havana, Cuba, this Latin hit featuring J. Balvin and Pitbull is filled with lots of vibrant colors, cars, and salsa dance routines. Cabello also takes the opportunity to dance and flirt with Balvin.

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“In My Head (Flex)”

This video is back from our girl's time in Fifth Harmony. All the girls look super sexy doting different types of bikinis and bathing suits, but Cabello's crochet-pant cover up steals the show. This is Cabello at peak sex appeal.

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While the official music video for "Havana" starts off with a funny skit featuring Latinx social media stars LeJuan James and Lele Pons, Cabello finds her groove once the tempo picks up. With multiple outfit changes and a hot Latin rhythm, Cabello looks like the real-life version of the dancer emoji when she shows off a few salsa moves. Not to mention we also get to swoon over her love interest in the video, Noah Centineo.

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“Work From Home”

The girls from Fifth Harmony sure know how to make a construction site look sexy. The video, which has almost two billion views on YouTube, features one of the hottest dance routines with a booty-popping dance line in the middle of the video. Cabello, who dotes a green bodysuit and dark jeans, manages to make a construction helmet look good when she drops it down low.

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“Never Be the Same”

The second single off her debut album, Camila, has to be her sexiest video so far. The video features Cabello in a bathrobe in black and white hotel sequences contrasted with scenes of her in couture fashion. Pair that with her sultry vocals, flirty eyes, and frames from her in a bathtub and we were never the same.