Star Wars Christmas Trees Bring the Force Right Into Your Living Room

On Dec. 15, Star Wars: The Last Jedi will hit theaters, and Christmas wish lists will instantly fill up with all the porg toys and trendy Rey-inspired clothing you can imagine. Instead of waiting until Christmas Day to bring the Force home, genius Jedi families have decked out their festive trees with Star Wars decorations just in time for the release of Episode VIII. Some used Millennium Falcon toys as tree toppers on trees filled with galaxy-themed ornaments, while others have completely transformed their trees into Darth Vader or a stormtrooper.

Pretty cool, huh? Rather than leaving cookies and milk for Santa this year, we suggest leaving a lightsaber instead. We have a feeling he'll want to wish you a Merry . . . Sithmas (we couldn't resist). Read on to see more awesome Star Wars Christmas trees, and then shop 21 Star Wars: The Last Jedi gifts to put under the matching tree.