Even in a Succession Parody, Roman Can't Catch a Break

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Every episode of Succession has my heart racing. Am I a business mogul hoping to take over an empire like Waystar Royco? No. But I need everyone to stop f*cking around and get back to work! I'm sorry. I've watched too many episodes — and so have these comedians who created a parody of the HBO series. Brent Pella recently shared a sketch of him acting as Logan Roy (Jeremy Strong), Blake Webber as Roman Roy (Kieran Culkin), and Morgan Jay as Shiv Roy (Sarah Snook). It's basically a summary of season two, but over the mundane decision of what to eat for lunch.

"What are the optics of like getting food now?" Webber asks. Pella then went into a long-winded rant after Jay suggested tacos. "I hate to say it, but we need to make a vote of no confidence because tacos are not going to be on the agenda for lunch. We're going to have to figure out who's going to be the one to pull the leprechaun out of their ass to make sure a peanut doesn't fire out of it and that sure as sh*t isn't going to happen," he exclaims. What does that even mean?

Webber then comments in a classic Roman way as he points to Jay and says, "You know, I've been watching this Judas for far too long and he acts like the backend equity means nothing if the jacuzzi doesn't have bubbles in it. I guess it doesn't if you've never seen a pair of tits." Eventually, Webber is ignored and told to turn away while the big dogs talk — just like in Succession. Watch the full skit play out above. And can anyone confirm whether we're getting tacos or lamb chops for lunch?