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Watch HBO's Montage of the Best Insults on Succession

Please Enjoy 10 Minutes of the Most Artful and Aggressive Insults From Succession

The very premise of HBO's Succession can be summed up by this utterance from Logan Roy: "I am surrounded by snakes and f*cking morons." Though the corporate patriarch has had quite a few poetic zingers throughout the show's two seasons, his cruelty appears to be genetic, because his three children — Kendall, Shiv, and Roman — are also skilled in the art of the insult.

Being that Succession is currently on hiatus from filming as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, HBO has gifted viewers with a montage of some of the best insults and one-liners to come out of the Shakespearean series. Unsurprisingly, the 10-minute montage contains a lot of expletives, sarcasm, and the expression "f*ck off" said by at least seven different characters. Oh, and yes, there's plenty of time dedicated to that whole "boar on the floor" fiasco. Enjoy it all above.

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