Everything We Know About Taylor Swift's Upcoming Reputation Tour

We hope you're . . . ready for it, because Taylor Swift will be coming to a city near you very soon. The "Delicate" singer is getting ready to embark on her Reputation stadium tour, and she's already given us a handful of details. Aside from announcing Camila Cabello and Charli XCX as her opening acts and sharing a ton of behind-the-scenes photos of her costumes and backup dancers, Swift has been teasing fans by giving one fact about the tour every day, leading up to opening night on May 8 in Glendale, AZ. See what we already know about the tour below, and be sure to check back for more details.

1. The "Old Taylor" Will Definitely Make an Appearance

The singer revealed that she would be playing new and old music during her upcoming tour. In total, she will be playing 10 songs from previous records. Hopefully, we can expect a few classics like "Our Song" and "You Belong With Me" in the mix.

2. There Will Be 3 Stages For a Special Reason

Swift confirmed that there would be a total of three stages during the tour. Her adorable reason? She wants to get as close to her fans as possible.

3. There Will Be a Special Backstage Room

If you were hoping to possibly meet the singer after the concert, you're in luck. Just like on past tours, Swift will have a special room setup after the concert where hand-picked fans will get to hang out and mingle with her after the concert. While the room was called the "Red Room" during the Red tour and "Loft 89" during the 1989 tour, this time around it will be called the "Rep Room." She even gave a glimpse of the room, which features a snake slithering up a pole and the throne from her "Look What You Made Me Do" music video.

4. The Stage Is Her Biggest Stage Yet

The main stage will be 110 feet tall, making it her biggest stage yet. The B stages, which are out in the audience, are actually almost as big as the main stage during her 1989 tour. In addition to being larger than life this time around, the main stage will also have a video screen wall that continues onto the floor. So essentially, everything Swift and her backup dancers are walking on will be a screen.

5. The Opening Will Blow Your Mind

When talking with her backup dancers about their favorite number, one of them said that they were obsessed with the opening, adding that fans will not be emotionally prepared. We can't help but wonder which song she will start off with!

6. She Will Be Playing the Piano

During her Instagram story, Swift gave us a glimpse of the beautiful piano she will be playing on tour and added that she will be using it for two songs on the tour: one old and one new. We can only assume that the latter will be "New Year's Day," but we really hope the old song is "All Too Well."

7. She Has a Ton of New Merch

In preparation for the tour, the singer has released a ton of new merchandise including official concert tees, glow sticks, and totes.

8. Seriously, the Stage Is Huge

In her Instagram story, Swift gave fans a sneak peek at the "rocket sled" she would be using to get from place to place under the stage. "It takes me from one place really quickly to another place, and the stage is so big that I guess we need that," she said. "Quick change in here . . . run, hustle down here. Lay down here, and then . . . I'll just disappear to somewhere else."

9. There Will Be 8 Costume Changes

Yes, you read that right. The singer will be making a whopping total of eight costume changes. While she didn't give us the full run-down on her looks, she did give us a up-close sneak peek which featured a beaded item, a reptile-looking ensemble, and yes, lots of glitter.

10. A Fun Video Will Play After the Concert

When Swift plays her last song, don't leave right away! The singer revealed that a blooper reel from her tour rehearsals would play promptly after the concert.

11. Pay Special Attention to the Confetti

Per tradition, there will be confetti, but this time it will be Reputation-themed. The singer gave a glimpse of the paper, which looks like tiny little newspapers that say "Taylor Swift Stadium Tour." How cute is that?