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Turning Red: 10 Disney Easter Eggs You Missed

Did You Catch These 10 Easter Eggs Hidden in "Turning Red"?

Turning Red: 10 Disney Easter Eggs You Missed
Image Source: Everett Collection

Pixar is notorious for hiding Easter eggs throughout its films, and its latest release, "Turning Red," which dropped on Disney+ on March 11, is no exception. The movie, which was directed by Domee Shi, includes so many subtle references that are easy to miss if you're not looking for them, from carefully placed stickers in bathroom stalls to text hidden in the film's end credits. For example, "Turning Red" included nods to Pixar's previous films like "Finding Nemo" and "Coco," as well as its next project, "Lightyear," coming in June.

In case you didn't spot them all while watching, no worries! Scroll through the slideshow to see the 10 biggest Easter eggs in "Turning Red."

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