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Turning Red's 4*Town: Member Names, Voice Actors, and More

Watch Sandra Oh Jam Out to 4*Town's Live Performance of "Nobody Like U" From "Turning Red"

Turning Red's 4*Town: Member Names, Voice Actors, and More

"Turning Red" had us all connecting to a nostalgic part of our past, whether it be Tamagotchis, flip-phones, or beloved boy bands. The Pixar animated film follows 13-year-old Meilin "Mei" Lee who, along with her three best friends, is completely obsessed with the popular boy band 4*Town. Mei absolutely loves the band, shares her passion with her friends, and even plans to see them in concert, if she can (A) convince her overprotective mother to let her go, and (B) keep her red panda curse from manifesting on the day of the show.

While watching, the band may have struck you as so familiar, you found yourself wondering, "Is 4*Town a real band?" The answer is no, it's not a real band. But the band and their music was formulated to feel super familiar, which makes the movie even more fun to watch. If you're curious about 4*Town, whether it be the real-life inspiration behind the group or the voices behind the members, read on!

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