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Listen to the Turning Red Soundtrack

Let the "Turning Red" Soundtrack Transport You Back to 2002

Listen to the Turning Red Soundtrack

Pixar's "Turning Red" is a time machine back to the 2000s, and features details that'll make just about any '90s kid feel nostalgic. Flip phones, CDs, Tamagotchi, and, of course, boy bands with slightly inappropriate lyrics for their teenage audience are just some of the elements that make the movie feel closely connected to its time period. On top of the specific visual details, "Turning Red" also has an amazing soundtrack, filled with plenty of nostalgic sounds and songs to accompany the characters throughout the movie.

From Destiny's Child and fictional boy band 4*Town, to the beautiful instrumental works of composer Ludwig Göransson, the soundtrack of "Turning Red" will fill your heart with joy and bring out your inner teenager.

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