13 Reasons Why: Don't Forget How Jessica's Season 1 Story Ends

By the end of 13 Reasons Why season one, it's clear that Jessica Davis and Hannah Baker's stories are linked in a number of heartbreaking ways. Not only are they former friends, but they're also both victims of sexual assault at the hands of Bryce. Jessica's season one story ends with her making an important decision that will drive much of the story in season two: she tells her father that she was sexually assaulted — and in doing so, she also seems to make a decision that she's willing to tell the world what happened to her, if it means Bryce can no longer hurt any more young women.

After Clay tells Jessica that Hannah's account of the night she was raped is true, she spends most of the rest of the season spiraling. She begins drinking heavily and tries to distance herself from Justin, whom she blames since he let the assault take place while she was unconscious. In her last encounter with Justin, Jessica tells him that there's nothing he can do to make his actions right and that the only thing she wants from him is for him to leave her alone for good. Justin is last seen leaving town, seemingly giving Jessica the only kind of peace that he can.

Before telling her father about the assault, Jessica and Clay discuss the tapes and what should be done with them now that Clay has listened to the last one. Initially, Jessica doesn't want anyone to know what Bryce did to her, even if Clay thinks that she's somehow failing Hannah if she doesn't go forward. After hearing what happened when Hannah talked to Mr. Porter, she doesn't have much faith in the system. However, she ultimately tells Clay not to destroy the tapes, before she goes home and tells her father what happened to her.

Season one led Jessica to a devastating truth, but season two appears set to show her regaining her power as she does whatever it takes to expose the truth about Bryce.