If You Have Ophidiophobia, Definitely Don't Watch the Trailer For Netflix's New Horror Movie

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Fresh off of her role in the new season of True Detective, Carmen Ejogo has another mystery to solve, but this time it's in Netflix's upcoming horror film, Rattlesnake.

The Zak Hilditch-directed film, due out on Oct. 25, looks incredibly tense and sees Ejogo playing Katrina, a single mother driving cross country with her young daughter, Clara (Apollonia Pratt), in tow. Everything goes to hell when their car breaks down in the middle of a desert, and Clara wanders off into the brush while her mother changes a tire. The next thing she knows, Katrina hears her daughter screaming and soon discovers she's been bitten by a venomous rattlesnake.

In order to save her daughter, Katrina ends up going to extreme lengths when she accepts the help of a mysterious woman in the area who instantly heals the fatal bite. But the good deed comes at a steep price (because of course) — the woman informs Katrina that she must murder a stranger to make up for saving Clara's life, or the girl will die at sundown. So begins Katrina's harrowing descent into psychological horror as she wrestles with her own morality, the love of her daughter, and the grim reality of her situation.

The film also stars Theo Rossi and Emma Greenwell. Watch the trailer above before it begins streaming on Netflix later this month!