8 Times Blue Ivy Stole the Show in Her Parents' Music Videos

JAY-Z and Beyoncé have lovingly dedicated songs to their firstborn daughter, Blue Ivy Carter, since they brought her into the world, but it's clear she's leveled up from inspiration to featured artist. Blue's spitting her own freestyle raps, making cameos in her parents' music videos, and lending her vocals to their tracklists all before she's even 10 years old! It may feel like just yesterday that the 7-year-old was making her debut on her father's song "Glory," but she hasn't wasted any time snatching her bit of spotlight and shining like the star she is — especially when it comes to building her music career. She's already been featured on two charting songs, which is more than a lot of people older than her will ever be able to say.

Whew, imagine having that kind of talent. It's obviously genetic. Check out the several hits Blue Ivy has blessed with her presence, and watch out — the eldest Carter offspring is coming for her glory!

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"Glory" by JAY-Z feat. Blue Ivy

JAY-Z released this beautiful ode to his wife and daughter on Jan. 9, 2012, two days after the latter was born. The song details the rapper's joy at becoming a father and describes the struggles he and Beyoncé went through over a previous miscarriage. Even though Blue Ivy was only two days old, her official feature credit on the track made her the youngest person to ever appear on a Billboard chart when it debuted at number 23.

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"Blue" by Beyoncé feat. Blue Ivy

Featured on Beyoncé's eponymous fifth album, "Blue" is the singer's lovesong for her daughter. Released a year after Blue's birth, the song features home-shot videos of baby Blue with her parents, as well as the toddler's own voice at the end of the song. "Hold onto me, hold on," she sings, copying her mother before dissolving into giggles.

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"Blue’s Freestyle" by Blue Ivy via JAY-Z

"Blue's Freestyle" is featured on JAY-Z's thirteenth album, 4:44, and it's a true work of work. The animated video was released on Blue Ivy's sixth birthday and depicts the eldest Carter child wearing a ballet costume at a talent show and busting a slick rhyme. "Never seen a ceiling in my whole life," Blue raps, and I feel that.

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"Formation" by Beyoncé

Blue doesn't have any lines in her mother's iconic track released in 2016, but she does get to strut around in the video as Beyoncé pointedly sings, "I like my baby heir with baby hair and afros." It's a power move by a 4-year-old that I'm far from mad about.

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"Lift Ev'ry Voice and Sing" by Blue Ivy feat. Beyoncé

On Homecoming: The Live Album, the mother-daughter duo team up to sing "Lift Ev'ry Voice and Sing," better known as the Black National Anthem. The two sweetly harmonize the chorus and when they're done, 6-year-old Blue tells her mother that she wants to go again because, "it feels good." Like mother, like daughter!

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"Spirit" by Beyoncé

Blue Ivy makes a beautiful cameo in Beyoncé's video for "Spirit," the title track for her Lion King-inspired album. The 7-year-old rocks a red afro as she lounges at her mother's feet, just like a true princess on the throne.

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"Spirit" + "Bigger" by Beyoncé

In the extended version of the "Spirit" video, another Blue Ivy cameo is added. Clad in blue like her mother, Blue exchanges loving glances with Beyoncé and receives an affectionate kiss on the crown of her head from her mother. It's a sweet moment between the two, especially in context to the song's theme of legacies and being part of something bigger, together.

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"Brown Skin Girl" by Blue Ivy Carter, St. Jhn, Wiz Kid, and Beyoncé

Truly getting her moment to shine, Blue Ivy takes the lead with "Brown Skin Girl," opening and ending the song with the catchy hook, "Brown skin girl / Your skin just like pearls / The best thing in the world / Never trade you for anybody else." The track is an ode to the beauty of black women, so it's especially sweet considering how much bullying Blue's endured in the public eye. It's only right that "Brown Skin Girl" also provided Blue with her second charting song, debuting at number 76 on the Billboard list.