We Really Found Out What Wildfire Is Capable of on the Game of Thrones Finale

Wildfire is one of the most dangerous substances in the Game of Thrones universe. That's saying a lot in a world where the dead walk and dragons live. This green liquid that burns everything it touches has been the downfall of at least two Targaryens, Joffrey's saving grace when under attack from his uncle Stannis Baratheon, and now, a deadly weapon against the High Sparrow. Perhaps we thought the use of wildfire would stop after Tyrion uses it to obliterate Stannis's fleet at the Battle of the Blackwater, but given that Bran Stark has visions of a wildfire explosion and Cersei Lannister clearly isn't afraid to use it, we don't think it's going anywhere anytime soon. So, let's go over all of its properties, shall we?

What We Know of Wildfire

  • It burns green and is bright green when in liquid form.
  • It continues to burn until it burns itself out and is quite explosive.
  • It burns through most materials, including steel.
  • Only large quantities of sand can extinguish it.
  • It is made by the pyromancers of the Alchemists' Guild, a group that had great influence before the Maesters pushed them aside.
  • One of the Targaryens died by drinking it, thinking this would transform him into a dragon.
  • Jaime Lannister told Brienne of Tarth that the Mad King was shouting "burn them all" and meant to consume King's Landing in wildfire, thus prompting Jaime to break his oath as a member of the King's Guard and take the Mad King's life.
  • It is kept in clay containers, often packed with sand between containers to keep them from jostling.
  • Pyromancers kept jars of it underground all over King's Landing, including under the Red Keep and the Great Sept of Baelor (the religious center of worship for the Faith of the Seven).

Where We've Seen Wildfire

  • In the fourth book, Cersei uses wildfire to burn down the Tower of the Hand, in hopes of finding (or killing) Tyrion.
  • On the show, we all remember it from the moment when Tyrion saves King's Landing in the Battle of the Blackwater. Cersei was gathering wildfire and planning to lob it at Stannis's ships with catapults, but Tyrion puts it to better use by pouring it onto the water and having Bronn set it alight with a flaming arrow.
  • In the wild season six finale, Cersei uses the wildfire to completely destroy the High Sparrow, the Faith Militant, and even the Tyrells. It explodes and leaves half of King's Landing in ruins.