Bachelor in Paradise: 10 Facts About Benoit That Will Have You Booking a Ticket to Canada

The pleasant beaches of Bachelor in Paradise got quite a shake-up from a visitor from up north, and we're into it. New guests continue to make their way to Paradise, and one such participant comes to us courtesy of Bachelor Winter Games. French Canadian Benoit Beauséjour-Savard joined the drama in Sayulita, Mexico, and if his adorable accent doesn't jog your memory, let us help you.

We first met Benoit on The Bachelor's sporty sister, Winter Games, though it wasn't his first round with the Bachelor franchise. Benoit was previously a contestant on The Bachelorette Canada with everyone's favorite firefighter, Kevin Wendt. He was sent home in the seventh episode and went on to appear in Winter Games. Though his time on the spinoff was short, it did lead to his eventual engagement. Benoit's engagement was also short-lived, but his belief in romance is obviously still alive! Read on to learn more about the sweet Canadian who's sweeping the women in Paradise off their feet.


He's from Montreal

Benoit hails from Montreal, which really explains why he's so damn sweet!


He's a Restaurant Maitre D'

Benoit puts his natural charm to work as a maitre d'. Doesn't he look good in a suit??


He Has a Younger Brother

Benoit is very much a family man, regularly posting photos of his brother and mother on his Instagram.


He Is a Sports Fan

Like any proper Montreal resident, Benoit supports the Montreal Impact.


He First Appeared on The Bachelorette Canada

Benoit was a contestant on season one of The Bachelorette Canada. He was sent home in the seventh episode, and Kevin Wendt eventually went on to win the heart of Jasmine Lorimer.


He Then Went on The Bachelor Winter Games

While on Winter Games, Benoit found a connection with Clare Crawley from Juan Pablo's season of The Bachelor. Despite the intense and obvious chemistry between the two, Clare felt that she couldn't commit to the French Canadian and went on to explore a relationship with Christian. Having lost his single love connection on the show, Benoit made a tearful exit.

He's Been Engaged Before

He's Been Engaged Before

Shocking Bachelor fans everywhere, Benoit and Clare actually reconnected post-Winter Games filming. During the "World Tells All" special following the finale, Benoit dropped down into a surprise proposal, and Clare said yes. Sadly for the couple, their romance didn't stand the test of time. The pair broke things off around a month later.


Did We Mention He's Canadian?

We'll have some of that syrup, please and thanks!


He's Close Friends with Other Bachelor Alums

Aside from being close with the other contestants from The Bachelorette Canada and Winter Games, Benoit is also close with Yuki, a Bachelor Nation favorite. The two connected during Winter Games and have a sweet relationship to this day.