7 Things to Know About The Bachelor's Troublemaker, Demi Burnett

She's from Texas, so you might say it's no surprise Demi Burnett is all about going big or going home. The bold blonde may be ruffling a few feathers at the Bachelor mansion in Los Angeles — hmm, kissing Colton in front of other girls during a group date and showing up in a robe to give the Bachelor a private massage? — but according to her social media, she's a down-home country girl at heart. Her official bio says the 23-year-old hails from a town called Red Oak in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, where she loves fishing and riding an ATV, and she is a huge Game of Thrones fan.

But there's more to know about this aspiring Victoria's Secret Angel (no, really — her bucket list item is to be the first petite VS Angel, according to ABC). Here are some things we learned scrolling through her Instagram feed. Spoiler alert, Colton: she's pretty darn cool and totally hilarious (her Instagram handle is @demi_not_lovato).


She's Fearless

A 2017 post features the Texan cuddling a snake! If she isn't afraid to have one slither on her face, surely Burnett can handle the snake pit that is the Bachelor mansion — in case you haven't realized already.


She's Really Into Fashion

This is just one photo from Burnett's Instagram that shows her modeling an edgy outfit and killer shoes. Clearly the girl loves fashion.


She's Proud of Her Body

This bold image from Burnett's feed is hilariously captioned, "It only counts if you saw a nipple."


She Loves Herself a Cocktail

Burnett's Instagram is peppered with images of the would-be Mrs. Underwood enjoying a beer or a glass of wine. And as we know, the Bachelor journey is nothing if not booze-filled, so bottoms up!


She Seriously Loves Jon Snow

Burnett says in her bio she would love to have dinner with her fave Game of Thrones character. She references the prince in this Instagram post, captioning it, "Winter is HERE.... now where's Jon Snow??"


She Has a Rebellious Streak

This selfie is captioned, "Do what they tell you not to do," and it seems this motto is one Burnett has carried with her onto the show.


She Plays Fortnite!

Yeah, Demi plays Fortnite, which means she's, well, young and fun. Good luck playing for Colton's heart, Demi!