A Quick Refresher on Hannah Godwin, Now That She’s on Bachelor in Paradise

We first got to know Hannah Godwin on season 23 of The Bachelor. Not only did she get the first impression rose from Colton Underwood, but she made it all the way to the final three. The ending of that season was, uh, brutal, and Hannah was left in tears. She was truly heartbroken and not ready to jump into dating right away.

Quite some time has passed since that rough ending in Portugal, and since Hannah is on Bachelor in Paradise season six, it appears that she's now ready to continue her love journey. We see Hannah throughout the season's trailer, so it looks like she gets her lip-locking groove back. Get to re-know Hannah before you see all of the drama go down at the Mexican resort.

— Additional reporting by Caitlyn Fitzpatrick


She's a Model

Hannah isn't afraid to show off her body, as this is one of many bikini photos from her Instagram. Hey, if you've got it . . .


She's Fashion-Focused

The 23-year-old describes her style as edgy and fun.


She's a Free Spirit

Hannah describes herself as carefree and spontaneous.


The Girl Loves Food

She's a foodie, according to her website.


Hannah Loves 'Gramming Her Food

This is one of many food snaps from Instagram. Yum!


She's Cool With Life on the Road

This shot was taken in Miami, but she has been all over the place.


She's an Ace Behind the Camera, Too

This bachelorette is a model and a photographer. Just browse through her Instagram and you'll see how beautifully curated each image is.


She's Really Into Beauty and Makeup

Hannah admits she watches makeup tutorials like most of us binge on Netflix.


She Loves a Good Pinot

Hannah loves wine, and honestly same!