13 Reasons Why: Winston Could Be the Key to Everything That Happens in Season 4

In season three of 13 Reasons Why, a new character named Winston, portrayed by Deakan Bluman, plays a small yet pivotal role. If you've never heard of him, there's a pretty good reason for that. 13 Reasons Why is Bluman's first major role: his career has otherwise consisted of a pair of mostly unknown web series and two short films. He's a bit of a mystery — even his Instagram is almost blank — but we sense big things are to come!

Winston plays a relatively small role in the new season, as the secret lover of a pivotal character (no spoilers here!). His presence in that character's life, though, seems like it could become a bigger issue in the future, since the majority of the cast has been sucked into the lies surrounding Bryce's death. Since Winston has information that could throw their whole cover-up into disarray, it seems likely we'll be seeing more of Bluman in the fourth and final season.

Bluman's own Insta only has a single picture on it, but his wife, Elin, has shared a couple pics of the couple on her own Instagram. Click through for what we've seen of this exciting newcomer!