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Why Does The Bachelor's Peter Weber Live With His Parents?

The Bachelor's Peter Weber Has a Simple Explanation For Why He Still Lives at Home

The Bachelor's Peter Weber is 28 years old and appears to have a successful career as a pilot, and don't take this wrong way, but why does he still live with his parents? Thats the question Bachelor Nation has had on its mind ever since we first met Weber on Hannah Brown's season of The Bachelorette. Well, he has a simple explanation for it.

In an interview with ET back in December 2019, Weber admitted that he still hasn't left the nest, but he isn't ashamed of it. "I do, and I'm owning it. It's all good," he said. However, if he does end up finding his future wife on The Bachelor, he doesn't plan on having her move in with them. "That's not happening. I have plans to move out."

Weber further addressed the matter during a stop on Jimmy Kimmel Live this week. "I think what a lot of people have to realize is I come from a Cuban family. Cuban culture is a little bit different than the American culture, and it's not unusual for family to live together for a long time." However, Weber revealed he only plans on staying there for a couple more months, though he played coy when Tiffany Haddish chimed in and asked if he plans on moving in with "her" (The Bachelor winner) anytime soon.

So, who's the lucky lady that steals Weber's heart? Guess we'll have to wait until the final rose ceremony to find out.

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