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Anna Kendrick Disses Royal Baby on Seth Meyers

Is Anna Kendrick Trying to Pick a Fight With Parents?

Let's give Anna Kendrick the benefit of the doubt. She's been on the talk show circuit all week, drumming up support for Pitch Perfect 2 so she's got to keep things interesting. But she sat down with Seth Meyers on Thursday night and took a few stabs at Princess Charlotte that are ruffling some feathers. Lamenting that royal baby news took over the newspapers and airwaves, Anna told the late-night host, "I don't know why anybody cares about the royal baby, because it's a baby. It hasn't done anything. It hasn't achieved anything. It was just born."

Then Anna picked a fight with parents everywhere, saying, "All babies look like sacks of potatoes. It just looks like a baby. You could put a picture of any baby, any Caucasian baby, and you'd be like, 'Aw, it looks like a baby!' Is it a boy? Is it a girl? Is it a sack of potatoes? I don't know!"

What? I get that the hype over the birth of Princess Charlotte may have gone overboard, but she is a member of one of the (if not THE) most visible royal families in the world, and there is a chance that she'll ascend to the throne one day. But saying all Caucasian babies look like a sack of potatoes? I beg to differ! Babies aren't everyone's "thing," but even those who don't intend to have them one day tend to think there's something pretty miraculous about them. Hopefully she's just trying to get some press for the film, but why does she need to take it out on all of the cute babies out there?

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