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Cartoon Mom Quiz

Which Cartoon Mom Are You?

We love to sit back and laugh at a good cartoon, but what makes these animated series truly relatable are the matriarchs of the families. That's right, we're talking about cartoon moms. From working mothers to stay-at-home housewives, our favorite shows feature a variety of women playing distinguishable characters. Find out which mom fits your personality best.

Source: Fox, Hanna-Barbera, Warner Bros., MTV

Pick a color:

When your children get in trouble, you discipline them by . . .

Discussing their behavior
Ignoring their actions
Taking away their electronics
Raising your voice
Making them do chores
Stopping the misbehavior before it happens

The next time you go shopping, what will you pick up?

It's the weekend! How are you spending it with your kids?

Going to a soccer game
Having a movie marathon
Driving around town
Baking cookies
Visiting colleges
Going shopping

What is the first magazine you grab off the newsstand?

It's dinner time, what will you make?

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