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Parenting Era Personality Quiz

What Era Were You Meant to Parent In?

Do you find yourself watching old episodes of Leave It to Beaver wishing you could trade places with June Cleaver? Or maybe you dream of mothering during the loosey-goosey days of disco and daisy prints? While we all love the perks that come with modern motherhood — what would we do without all those parenting apps? — sometimes we wonder if our parenting style is better suited for past generations. Perhaps you fit in more with the preattachment method of the 1950s, the laid-back attitude of the '70s, or the positive parenting style of the 1990s. Take our quick quiz to find out if your style is all modern mom or if you're more like the caretakers of bygone eras.

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What's your go-to after-school snack for the kids?

What's dinnertime like at your house?

Everyone sits around the table for a homemade meal.
We all eat together, but most of the time it's takeout.
Everyone eats what they want, when they want.
Forget dinner at home — we eat out.

Which skirt would you buy?

What's your favorite form of social media?

I'm not on social media.

If you could be BFFs with any celebrity mom, it would be:

How do you get your tots to eat their vegetables?

I don't worry about it.
I tell them no dessert till they eat their greens.
I hide the veggies in tastier treats.
I bribe them with extra TV time.

Pick a color!

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