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How to Organize Your Kid's Closet

How I Transformed My Toddler's Tiny and Messy Closet Into an Organized, Beautiful Space

How to Organize Your Kid's Closet
Image Source: Taylor Murphy

When I started to physically brace myself just to open my daughter's closet doors, I knew I couldn't put off cleaning it any longer. Like any busy mom constantly on the go, I spent my fair share of time denying the fact that her closet had become the equivalent of an oversize junk drawer. The stuffed-to-the-brim, unorganized mess of a space wasn't just giving me major anxiety every time I tried to pick out an outfit for my 2 year old — it also made it impossible for me to find anything. After some serious Pinterest research, I finally found the motivation I needed to reclaim my toddler's closet and bring out its full potential. Here's how I did it.

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