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Georgia Mom Went Into Target For Nursing Bras but Came Out With Her Newborn Baby

In the honest opinion of most moms — nay, most humans — Target is the happiest place on earth. For Tanya St. Preux, the mama mecca has new significance aside being the place she can get some me time away from her kids — it's where her fourth child entered the world. Yes, you read that right . . . Tanya gave birth to a healthy baby boy in the entrance of her local Target store, thanks to the help of a shopping nurse.

Tanya initially went into the store to purchase a nursing bra, no doubt one of the last things on her list before welcoming her son, but didn't realize she was in "actual labor" at the time. Twenty minutes after her contractions — which were about an hour apart prior to her Target trip — started to hit hard, her 7-pound, 10-ounce son made his appearance.

Luckily, Caris Lockwood, a Piedmont Atlanta Hospital labor and delivery nurse, was in Target shopping for shoes at the time and was able to swoop in to help the mom as she went into active labor. "Caris was God-sent and amazing," Tanya said, according to a post on Piedmont Healthcare's Facebook. "She was sweet and caring and exceeded everyone's expectations. She went way over far and beyond."


What a birth story!

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