This Mom Had a Maternity Shoot at Target For Her Rainbow Baby — It'll Feed Your Soul

There are few places as welcoming, as restorative, as fulfilling for a mom as her local Target. So it should come as no surprise that a mom would stage her maternity shoot at one, and yet, when photographer Heather Pippin unveiled the photos, moms everywhere let out a collective sigh — we were kicking ourselves: "Why didn't I think of that?!"

"This was so much fun, a creative way to pay homage to all those awesome Target moms out there," said photographer Heather Marie. "The ones with the messy buns, half empty before you even make it to the back of the store Starbucks cups, toys you aren't really buying, and cheese balls to get you through."

Page D. Miller, the St. Louis woman at the center of this genius photo shoot, is definitely one of those moms, and the playful day was just what she needed. When the photos were taken in 2017, she was pregnant with her third baby. Her youngest child, Clarke, had tragically died from SIDS a few months prior when he was just 3 months old.

"This is Page's rainbow baby," Heather told POPSUGAR. "We didn't plan the shoot based off of her being pregnant or baby Clarke, but it has turned into a positive way to really show how tough of a mom Page is, and I am happy for that!"

Page, who was due any day at the time of the photo shoot, and her toddler daughter, Avery, took to the aisles and treated the shoot "as a routine trip," even running some errands along the way.

Why wasn't Page's husband, Brad, in any of the photos? He somehow doesn't understand the allure of Target like the rest of us. Heather joked: "Surprisingly nobody thought we were too weird except Brad, who would not be seen with us on this day."

Go ahead and look at every amazing snapshot from the maternity shoot. Warning: you'll have an immediate urge to drive to your nearest Target.