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Responses to Man Saying Women Don't Need Epidurals

People Are Absolutely Dragging a Guy Who Says "Women Don't NEED" Epidurals at All

Twitter users are absolutely dragging a "dude" who claimed in a post to Reddit that women definitely don't need epidurals and never have. Apparently, because he's watched his wife give birth twice without an epidural, he's a total expert on labor, labor pain, and women's bodies and their rights to do with them what they please.


His original post, which was screengrabbed and posted to Twitter by Nicole Cliffe — who simply added the comment "This guy" to the tweet — reads: "Personal Opinion: My wife gave birth to two babies, 9lbs 10oz (10 hrs labor) and 8lbs 6oz (only 2 hrs for the second baby). No epidural. Women don't NEED them at all. Never have. Since we only started using them in modern medicine. But hey, what do I know. I'm just the dude who held her hand through it twice."

Unsurprisingly, other Twitter users — both women and men — were quick to jump down the guy's all-knowing throat.

Game, set, and match.

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