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Things Parents Shouldn't Say to Teenagers

31 Things Never to Say to Your Teen

The adolescent years can be just as confusing for parents as they are for the budding teen. Just because you went through the hormones, social angst, and school stress doesn't mean you know what it's like as an adult trying to interpret the body language and navigate the moods. Even if you have the best intentions, oftentimes what parents say to their teen does more harm than good because of the way these growing brains process information and their heightened insecurities. Whether you have a preteen who is just on the brink of puberty or are enjoying the last years before your mini adult goes off to college, these are the 31 things parents should never say to their older children.

  1. If only you worked to your potential.
  2. You shouldn't care what others think about you.
  3. You wouldn't be able to function without me telling you what to do.
  4. You just need to find your passion.
  5. If only you knew how smart you are.
  6. You're crazy for thinking that.
  7. You're always selfish.
  8. You need to take pride in yourself.
  9. You're giving me a migraine.
  10. I'm counting down the days until college.
  11. You can really put food away.
  12. This is entirely your fault.
  13. Why can't you be like your sibling/friend?
  14. There's something wrong with you.
  15. You aren't the athletic type.
  16. That's going to be too difficult for you.
  17. This won't matter in the grand scheme of things.
  18. How do you think that will look to colleges?
  19. That activity doesn't suit you.
  20. You have no idea what you're talking about.
  21. Our relationship will never be the same.
  22. I wish you would start acting like yourself again.
  23. Why are you so lazy?
  24. You're just making that up.
  25. You probably shouldn't eat that.
  26. You're just sensitive.
  27. Stop being so emotional.
  28. I wasn't like this when I was your age.
  29. I didn't raise you to be such a slob.
  30. You need to start trying.
  31. You still have so much more to learn.

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