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43 Best Tween and Teen Shows on Netflix | 2023

The 43 Best Series on Netflix For Teens and Tweens

43 Best Tween and Teen Shows on Netflix | 2023

Media-wise, it's never been a better time to be a tween or teen. The young adult genre is stacked, for books, movies, and, of course, TV. Need proof? Look no further than the tween and teen shows on Netflix. Shows for tweens and teens walk a tricky line: they need to be age appropriate, but they can't be boring or — worse — immature. Luckily, many of the shows on Netflix for teens and tweens are beyond compelling, so much so that they're series the entire family can enjoy after dinner or on a lazy weekend day.

We've rounded up 43 of the best shows on Netflix for teens and tweens. There's something for everyone, from a series about a 15-year-old girl rocket scientist to one about teenage girls turned mermaids to one that spreads awareness about mental health struggles (and features an adorable talking dog). These tween and teen shows on Netflix are trustworthy, too — you can let your kids watch solo without worrying about what they're being exposed to, and they're gripping enough that your tweets or teens won't be complaining of boredom before the first episode is even over. Happy watching!

— Additional reporting by Lauren Harano and Charlotte Kho

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